Diagnosing Internet Connectivity

I’m new, so I have no idea if I should post this somewhere else.

So I keep iTunes on my computer because I sometimes get gift cards and certain songs are only available on it. I updated iTunes to version 9 and something went wrong either during the update or right after it. i can’t remember. But now the iTunes store won’t connect, and AVG anti-virus wouldn’t update, so I uninstalled that and got Comodo, which is WAY better than AVG, but it can’t update either.
I’ve tried a bunch of different things, including getting rid of the P.O.S. program SAFE EYES (sucks enormously) running virus scans, clearing my DNS, and some other stuff. Nothings working… I’m also NOT using a proxy, I can still use the internet with IE and any other web browsers, and Comodo is the only anti-virus I have running.

Is there any way for me to figure out what is causing the problem? Maybe a free program that can help me or something?

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Check this out please.


I have already tried everything according to apple, nothing works. Lots of people on the apple forums say the same thing.

And what specifically in that link to the discussion did you think I should look at? I’ve been to that thread before and it wasn’t helpful…

I know about that issue.
I have iPOD too. ;D
I don’t have that problem though.

So, you tried all of them in the list including HOSTS file stuffs?
It means there is no other way until Apple takes care of it.

I recommend you down grade to V.8.2.
You know how to do it right?

Oh… somehow I didn’t notice the hosts file thing.

So I JUST tried it exactly as the instructions read, and now my computer failed to restart! It gave me the BSoD and won’t start in safe mode. HELP PLEASE!

Have you tried Last Known Good Configuration. Some info Windows help & learning

Also Windows help & learning

Have you posted your iTunes problem on Apple forum?

Yes I tried all the options, safe mode, last known good config, and starting normally. Computer does the same thing each time, the disk goes into a loop. I can tell by the noise it makes.
And yeah, I did post my problem on apple, but all they could say was to find out if any firewall or other such safety features were blocking the connection. That’s why I finally got the uninstall code for safe eyes, but that didn’t help.

I’m going to try to use the windows CD to repair the system. I’m using XP btw.

The computer I’m using right now isn’t my own, obviously, so I really need to get mine runnin.

Apple’s behaviour is very funny.
There are many people who have same problems without any Firewall programs in the certain systems.
It must be a big bug.
Apple doesn’t know about it.
Because there are a lot of people downgrading iTunes to V.8.x without complaining to Apple.
I’m thinking about the ‘Bonjour’ problem.
In case of ‘bonjour’ from Adobe, it can be uninstalled without any problem.
But ‘bonjour’ from Apple should not be uninstalled, because we can’t use itunes properly without ‘bonjour’.

How about uninstall ‘bonjour’ after recover your XP?

Let’s check about your system.
1.Windows XP sp3?

2.NETFramework version?

3.All of installed softwares lists(show us the screen shots from Add/Remove on your control panel)

4.Windows event viewer log.

5.HighjackThis log.

6.show us anything you have.

sp2 XP pro

The rest I can’t answer because I can’t access anything. I can run the windows repair command, and have tried fixboot, fixmbr, chkdsk, and bootcfg /scan. chkdsk can’t finish because there are unrecoverables, and bootcfg encounters an error and tells me to run chkdsk…
I had a similar start up problem exactly like this a long time ago but can’t remember exactly how I got it fixed.
So the rest I can’t answer, but I will need to know how I can find the answers:

2.NETFramework version? unsure of how to find this out.

3.All of installed softwares lists. Will get screenshots as soon as possible.

4.Windows event viewer log. Not sure again…

5.HighjackThis log. What is this…

6.show us anything you have. will do.

Hopefully I can get a new laptop soon and use this piece of ■■■■ desktop as a Linux experiment computer.

1.Insert Windows XP CD.
2.boot from the CD.
3.keep pressing ok until you see ‘Repair’
4.It will repair your system with overwrting.
(you need to reinstall some programs that are already in your HDD)


The final option.
Reinstall Windows XP.(clean install)
1.format C:
2.install Windows XP sp2
3.update SP3.
4.install drivers(motherboard drivers etc)

[b]2.NETFramework version?[/b] unsure of how to find this out.
You can check in the Add/Remove on your control panel
[b]4.Windows event viewer log.[/b] Not sure again...
control panel>Administrative Tools>Event viewer.
[b]5.HighjackThis log.[/b] What is this...
Visit here.

Dude, what do you mean by keep clicking ok? Here’s what happens. I start up the computer with the XP disk ready. It tells me to press any button to boot from CD. If I don’t do that, it goes to the start in safe mode etc. So I go to the CD, it loads the files, and then gives me 3 options. Press enter to install windows, press R to repair, or exit. I press R and it loads more files (is this what you mean by over-writing?) and then goes to the C prompt.

I mean this.

1.boot from XP CD.
2.choose ‘install windows’= enter.(it give you 3 options that you saw)
3.choose drive C:
4.it will ask you ‘there is windows XP already in your system’ blah blah~.
5.ignore it.
6.keep install(Do not choose format and install!! Choose Install without format!)
7.it will ask you ‘overwrite~~~blahblah’
8.click ‘OK’
9.keep going.
10.your saved files will not be deleted, it just overwrite Windows XP files.(don’t worry)

Ah I see. Thanks.

I had hoped that it wouldn’t come to this, but I guess when using anything microsoft, sometimes you just gotta ■■■■■ it and start again.