Diag tool

Hello guys I have a fairly new install of windows 7 64 bit

The other day I got a blue screen while browsing a page that had them funny pictures.
The ones where they are black and have a caption at the bottom that say “epic fail” for example. I was also on web cam on msn with my g/f then all of a sudden i received a blue screen.
I rebooted in safe mood did a malwarebytes scan used cc cleaner did a scan with CIS and found nothing, I then went to EST online scanner and trend micro and found nothing but false negatives.
I then tried to use the diagnostic tool in CIS and it told me it found problems and to fix them so i clicked fix and it would not fix anything. I saved the file I am running as admin as well

here is the link http://www.mediafire.com/?da6vzufdq548aae

Just to be clear here, do you mean False Positive or False Negative?

A False Positive is a clean file that a scanner believes is infected. A False Negative is an infected file that a scanner believes is clean.

If you had False Negatives that Comodo didn’t pick up, they’d be really interested in hearing about them in the forum linked below, and they’ll add them to the latest virus database so anyone else installing these files will not be infected.

AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting

sorry false positives they were just keygens that I know are safe.

I dont know i am just worried cause the diag tool in CIS will not fix the problems it says is wrong.and because i got a blue screen out of the blue while on a website. I have not experienced one again though.But I have also not been on that site again.

um were you just making a comment about my positive negative alert or where you actually gonna help me with my problem?

Hi there,

It seems this file is missing;

Looks harmless to me.

so that is the only reason why why diag tool will not fix the problems in my computer?

Yes, I have attached a replacement copy.

Extract it and save it in the Program files\comodo… folder and reboot.
That should end in a clear diagnostics

[attachment deleted by admin]

didnt work still get the error when trying to fix the problems the diag tool finds

Does it create a new report?

new report http://www.mediafire.com/?ag01fb5bus6vhdw

This is the same error;

I would await the release of CIS 5.8 and export the current config, uninstall, install and re-import the configuration.
That should fix the issue, if you don’t want to wait you can also use this procedure to do a new install with the latest stable version 5.5

can you guide me through the steps to export my current config I have never done that other then the diag tool config report.
I will wait for the release also should i use the uninstall tool to make sure everything is gone before reinstalling as well ?


You can go to More, Manage My Configurations, select the ‘Active’ one and chose ‘Export’.
Save the file somewhere on disk. After that you can uninstall, reboot, re-install and go to More, Manage My Configurations, Import.

If you chose to import with the existing name it’s better to switch ‘active’ config to an other profile before you overwrite the active existing configuration, sometimes that creates issues.