DHCP server ON or OFF? In terms of security. Help

Hi everyone

I have a motorola surfboard cable modem, static ip, and connect to internet from my home, without router. The cable modem has an option on his website where I can choose if turn ON or OFF, DHCP server.

What do you guys recommend me in terms of security. Which option is more like a hardtime for a hacker or intruder?

Or there is no diference in terms of security between this to. Just so you know my ISP told me they dont provide a firewall on his customers conexions or they use a weak one.

I found this article that suggest to turn it off:

If you are connecting by ethernet cable to the modem then DHCP can be left on, as access is determined by having physical access to the modem and I’d like to think you’d notice a stranger wandering around your bedroom plugging in to your modem.

If you are connecting by wireless to the modem then DHCP should (IMHO) be off. Wifi is not discriminatory - it broadcasts and listens for whoever tries to connect.

Wireless is where DHCP can be an issue, which is the intent of the article you’ve quoted.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yep I use ethernet cable

Thanks for the tip. Very helpful.