Device Administrator for Android

I need help with the Device administrator section of Android. Ive been trying to activate Greenify and Android Device Manager and although it asks me if I would allow them, neither would activate. I’ve done all the basic troubleshooting steps such as a reboot, taking batteries out, and reinstalling the apps; none of it worked. The only thing left is a factory reset which, without a proper backup, is not an option at the moment. Has anyone gone through this problem before? Or does anyone have an idea I could try out to fix this?

Why are you trying to activate Greenify’s Device Administrator?
Shouldn’t your screen already be blanked out?

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Thank you for replying John. Two reasons actually, 1. To create a gesture linking to the lock screen and automatic hibernation allowing me to save battery. Every minute stacks up after all. And 2. To save my power button which is now startin to loosen up. Unfortunately, I’m not able to activate device administrator for any app including Google’s device manager and comodo’s app. I’m running android KitKat by the way, rooted but using stock. No other changes and i rooted because of this. Figured might give me more options but the problem persists.

Greenify normally hibernates apps when the phone goes into sleep mode. At this point your screen is already blank. Yes, the Administrator option does blank the screen when Hibernation takes place. (never required this option set, so unsure why needed, really).
Note too, current version of Greenify does not necessarily require root, but your usage I think does.
Automatic Hibernation is default on. I don’t see Gestures anywhere in Greenify. Not even in Experimental Features.
I will note, at this moment I’m not running Exposed, I don’t recall if Gestures was an option in that framework. (I don’t think it was).
There is a service under Accessibility for Greenify.
Is this anything that you are looking for? (see attached)
The Gestures Settings in Android doesn’t have a screen blanking option, but you can adjust when your screen blanks from inactivity (yours, not the app - see second picture).

Rereading your reply several times, I think you are trying to gesture a screen blanking ability and have Greenify hibernate your apps when the screen blanks. Would this be correct?

I don’t see anything in Settings that would hinder the use of Device Administrator options.

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Yes, I understand that. Greenify provides a shortcut that allows the user to hibernate and then lock the screen of the device. This, however, requires device administrator. Gestures are provided by my homescreen launcher which is StoicHome. By assigning the gesture to that shortcut, I am able to lock the screen via gesture, either double-tap or swipe down, and thus, save my power button.

However, I am unable to tick the option for device administrator for any app that requires it. Since my device is having a lot of problems, I did a factory reset and now my device is in a bootloop with the default launcher having been deleted. Why and how this happened I have no idea when I’ve done nothing to achieve such results. I really dislike KitKat.

Thank you for sharing why the Administrator option exists.
My recovery has a file manager (that could be used to resolve this issue).
It is sounding like the issue was with FW, not any app installed.
Bootloop? Or simply trying to load something it cannot find?
A Factory Reset wipes out data and installed apps, returning to the bare running setup it originally had.
I rarely suggest a Factory Reset unless you have a recent Nandroid.
Does anyone on XDA have a zip of the original launcher you could install from Recovery?
The other option is to reinstall the complete FW (possibly from your computer if not your phone itself).
This should be available online to DL.

Since the tablet is relatively unknown, finding the firmware is near impossible to find. as for the launcher, I just sideloaded an app through recovery and adb. despite which though, no apps could be made administrator.

At this point, as long as you can boot, you at least have a working tablet.