Melih can you or any of the comodo staff tell us the status of the development of this program? one of the mods said that it was going to morph according to Melih. can we get some details on that please?


+1 CTM is/was turning into a great tool for any system to run alongside CIS & CB

I find these products most essential. CIS, CTM, CDE, CB and CD.

Valentin N

CIS is the core.
CTM is exclusive (for free). Essential. Windows service (system restore) is not reliable and complete.
CB is a service and there is a lot of concurrence of online backup companies. There are also free backup applications too.
CD is, with all respect, an accessory as there are a lot of other browsers for free. Ok, it could add security, but, again, CIS is the core.

I really see CTM with different eyes.

we all know that cis comodos main focus but it seems that many people use this program and i would like to aswell but to many people have problems that damage their computers and i cant risk this if i put it on friends computers. i would just like to know any news on the development its been a long time since we heard anything about CTM

I would like to know this too ;D

CTM had saved me out of several disasters…Go on develop it, Melih, we need it

+1 :-TU :-TU :-TU

Melih - This is a great program and has helped me several times :slight_smile: I know several people have had problems, but doesn’t this happen with any software development ??? My only problem is that I have not been able to have CTM & CB installed at the same time for complete recovery options :frowning:

come on melih tell us something. you always say all we have to do is ask, we are asking and no response?

Please be patient :slight_smile:

I’ll let Melih know that users are requesting ATT to this thread :slight_smile:

Please be Patient


cool thank you. Just havent seen anyone responding for a long time in this forum. Doesnt even seem like the devs are developing anything

thanks again

You are welcome wasgij6,

You should receive a response within 48 Hours :slight_smile:



Thanks Jacob.
Know something could give us some hope…

Tic-tac tic-tac…

Same here, i’ve been checking this thread like every hour ;D

Sorry Guys… Hopefully you’ll get your answers soon;

My finger is killing me. After all, i am pressing F5 like every second.

maybe tomorrow… maybe no answer at all?

Probably xD
Just give it a few days 88)