Development, ETA on next release?

Any time line for the next release & what might be included this time around?

I can’t hear you, well :THNK :THNK :THNK

I didn’t even know this existed… ??? Where’s the download? Okay, I’m assuming we’re still in a non-public beta?

Beta Beta Beta, did I mention it’s a Beta? :smiley:;msg404494#msg404494


10-4 Frogger. You answered as I was editing my post. :wink:

This is a VERY interesting program. :-TU

Yeah BF you did mention it, and it still is as far as I’m concerned, untrustworthy. :-TD

Comodo Programs Managers has been released as GA (General Availability)

Ewen :slight_smile:

10-4. Why do you say it’s “untrustworthy” Sorcerer?

Cause of problems uninstalling the Beta in order to install the public release which already has its bugs, I’m really not convinced at this point of this software, see the various posts in bug reports for this public release to date. I’d rather use Iobits’ V1.1 uninstaller on my Win 7 64 bit Gateway. ;D