Development and CIS


i would like to use CIS on a Development machine, but I have a lot of issues.

I use Visual Studio. And yes, the executables and dlls in projects change a lot.

I would like to exclude my Visual Studio project folders from antivirus scanner and firewall (it is not nice if the first start of a newly compiled application results in questions, and it really makes no sense to turn of the antivirus product just because the newly written application can no longer access RPC or EventLog if virus scanner is activated.

Is there a possibility to exclude some changing files completly?

The RPC error (managedobjects) is one of the worst things… was going away only when turning of virus scanner…

oh, i forgot… i already put it in antivurs settings: folder to exclude n:\projects* (but still it won’t fit)

Read Making the installer/updater policy effective [v5] and How to use Visual Studio debugger with CIS [v5] for reference.

Key element is to give VS the Installer/Updater policy in D+. That way it is allowed to start other executables without user consent. That will get rid off a lot of alerts for you.

I don’t know what you mean. Could you please rephrase?

oh… i meant: i added in the antivirusscanner as folder to exclude the project folder where all visual studio projects are saved.

In Defense+ I find no possibility to add something like


with stars as rule. I only find the possibility to add a specific file ?

"Key element is to give VS the Installer/Updater policy in D+. " has not changed anything on the behaviour that on every compile It is asked anew wether the build aplication is allowed to access RPC etc.

This is really anoying. In Defense+ also all files in the projects directories are marked as trustworthy.

Maybe there is also a bit of misunderstanding. I don’t have problems starting a debug. But we create an application wihich will use RPC, db-connections, WCF and some more things (like creating service users).

My hole problem is that the created application seems to be treated everycompile time as new programm, and will first be blocked by comodo.

Are you running the application after it was compiled from Explorer? Or is it running as a child of the compiler?

From the compiler. VS is also set as installer and settings are active. Every new build i get the message: ***.exe (the newly compiled program) is a new application and isolated (okay i get a german message, as i use the community translation).

As one of the first actions of the application is to connect to an RPC-Server, the application notices that no RPS is available and stops. only if I start it from Visual Studio without a new build it works.

So the workflow is quite bad at the moment:

  • Visual studio change code, or get some check-ins
  • Compile and Run.
  • Get a warning form Defender, set “do not isolate”
  • Get a warning that RPC is not available and close Application
  • ReRun from Studio

Only working workaround so far is to turn d+off. And that doesn’t sound well …