Developing nicely - when will Reg Compact return?

System cleaner is developing into a great tool to take around on portable USB sticks.

I’m just wondering when a compact function will return for the registry cleaner?

I personally don’t see much point in cleaning the registry unless you have an issue of some kind, but I do use NTREGOPT to compact it as it can make a huge difference in its size on a well used computer. All it seems to do is rebuild the hives to eliminate dead space and entries.

So, are there any hints on when Registry compacting will return to system cleaner?

No updates on the return of Registry compacting then?

Anyone else miss this feature on the forum?

I didn’t even know they had that feature. I’m guessing they thought it was too buggy or something. In general, I like the registry compactor (I only download “windows 7 manager”) for that every reason.

It is a feature I too would like to see.

+1 from me too.

very much so…
its not an easy task…

but if everyone wants it…:slight_smile:

someone ping Andrei and tell him pls :wink:



W had registry compact in CSC. It was removed in earlier version of CSC.

Well, if you really want this, then we have to work on it! We’ll put it back, but after a complete refactory of it. So, probably in 3.1, not in 3.0.

That’s fine by me, “thanks for the input/reply Andrei!”

I know this is an old thread, but just wondered if it got sorted.

It’s mentioned above compacting is not an easy task - I’m sure you can do it from a CMD prompt in Windows. Can’t remember the command, but it was in XP - you just tell it to rebuild a registry hive and it does so to a new file minus the dead space and entries.

NTREGOPT does a similar thing.

The only tricky thing is adding an entry so the old hive file gets replaced with the new freshly built one, as I’d imagine it’s locked whilst Windows is running.

Now registry cleaning, that is the hard part I’d imagine to do safely! But compacting, doesn’t seem hard.

As you can see from this picture

registry defrag is on its way.


That looks pretty darn awesome! I just love the look of Comodo apps!

Thanks for the heads up Shaun!