Develop 64-bit IceDragon, please.


I think it will be great if 64-bit IceDragon will be developed. I know in general it works OK on 64-bit OS. But there is an issue with 32-bit CID on my 64-bit Win-7. I have it sandboxed in CIS with disabled green frame. I have hiding toolbar. When I move mouse cursor to the toolbar it cannot appear. It happens with all 32-bit “Foxes”. All 64-bit “Foxes” are OK in this respect.

I think there may exist other 64-bit issues that can be resolved with native 64-bit CID.

Thank you.

I voted yes
In the meantime I’m using Cyberfox, it’s the fastest Firefox variant I’ve ever used :o

Thanx for voting.

I’m using WaterFox now but would prefer IceDragon native 64-bit.

I use the nightly x64 firefox builds (21.0a1 currently) which, apart from a blip by Mozilla a few months ago, when they said they were suspending development of the x64 builds, has worked well for a long time.

I voted yes because, with more and more third-party recompiled versions about, it may spur Mozilla into making a true 64 bit build release sooner and that will be a better base for the third-parties to build upon.

Using waterfox for ages (due to is x64 core) but I would love to have IceDragon x64… as soon as the x64 IceDragon comes out I will switch :slight_smile:

Or develop ID x64 based on Waterfox/Ciberfox if it’s possible.