Detection of Analytic services

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Tzvi David Selka and I am the complicance manager at a company that offers analytics and monetization services.

Our company provides a technological platform which enables its partners to benefit from detailed download analytics, improved download conversion and, should partners choose to implement, also monetization solutions in the form of offering legitimate 3rd party sponsored software.

We have encountered some detection of Comodo of our installers. According to Comodo, the detection is not false positive.

It is important to understand that some of our partners utilize our platform to get improved conversion and analytics services and do not implement the monetization solutions. These files are still get detected. We believe that Comodo is detecting our signature as PUP.

The files are not malicious and are not PUP. We complies with severe industry standards, including Google adwords regulations - Accordingly, the sponsored offers are optional and not enforced on the end user and there is always a standard uninstall option.

We would like to inquire on how we can provide our services without Comodo detect our signature. If possible, we would like to create a new installer with a different signature that will provide only ad’s that are pre-approved by Comodo.

Is such a solution possible and will this be enough to remove the detection from our signature?

If you think it will be useful, we will be happy to initiate a conference call.

We appreciate your help.




Please report the detected file/s to virustotal so that Comodo can harvest them :

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your response.

The VT link:

The file constitute a sample since we generates thousands of files on a weekly basis - each with a different Sha No.

This is the reason why we need Comodo to whitelist our files through the digital signature.

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With Somoto detection, I don’t think you will get into Trusted Vendors List.

Just my 2 cents…

Yes, I think you are right. Even MBAM flags it…

Thanks for the response.

I am aware that the file is detected by various AV vendors. My question is what needs to be done to remove the detection (and whitelist it)? It is just an core installer and in any case all of the software installers comply with severe industry standard.

Is there a Comodo rep’ that can elaborate?


You can submit it here and see if Comodo is willing to whitelist it. If they do not you can ask for elaboration as to why it is not suitable for whitelisting.