Detect viruses will only infect my runnig system

1. What actually happened or you saw:

Comodo real-time scanning will detect all viruses for all systems ( Windows all versions, Linux, Android …etc. browsers all versions ).

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

An option in the antivirus settings page to detect viruses can infect only my running system including only running internet browsers for the running versions only.

3. Why you think it is desirable:

load less signatures into the memory, thus faster detections and less resources.

4. Any other information:

Schedule scanning and manual scanning will load only the complements of the signatures, in addition to the loaded ones. so will not be duplicated signatures loaded to memory.
It will be optional, if anyone wants real-time scanning to detect all viruses, it can be simply disabled from the settings.

Are you saying that you want malware signatures to be categorized by the windows OS it infects? A majority of comodos signatures are generic meaning they detect malware families that run in any windows environments. From my experience i havent seen many malware types that only infect certain windows versions.

yes that what I meant, if only 10% will not infect win8.1 x64 why load it to the memory, and if only 15% of the scripts can’t infect IE 11 why load it to memory,

you can divide the database based in Systems it infects, on manual scan the scanner will load all the databases, on realtime scanner will load only my system

as I said it will be optional, if one wants the realtime scanner to detect them all it will be easily unchecked

Seems potentially valid, but as Wasgij says, depends on the numbers involved.

Please would you re-express this wish in the standard format (see stickies).

Kind regards


I am sorry I didn’t realize there was a wish sub forum, and thanks for your interest, I hope more will see it useful.

Please provide more details. Do consider examples.


more details, I think it is explained very good, I can’t explain more

example :

File type Android , will only infect android, for me I don’t want the real-time scanner to load its signature, I have antivirus on my mobile, but I want the manual scan to detect it

File type ELF , will only infect Linux, the same principle, I want just the antivirus for Linux real-scanner to detect it, I don’t windows real-time scanner to detect it

same principle, I never would use MAC os, why I would load this signature to memory

but it would be nice to detect it on manual sacn

It sounds a good idea, please consider this :-TU

Not really efficient. What happens if the application is not categorized correctly? (mismatch, altered PE , etc)

if we want to assume that there is a possibility of making mistakes, we ( human race ) will not do anything ever and there will be no developing, and the majority of the scientific researches end up failing.

I agree it is not an easy thing to do, esp if there is no previous categorization, and in case of virus families, but it would be nice to see such an option, for me it would be great.

p.s. I remember on other software there was an option in the real-time scanner to detect PUP ( potentially unwanted program ) or not as they do no harm , but I was not sure if they reduced the loaded database in the memory if it was checked.

anyway it is just a wish, most of my wishes in life didn’t come true, but I hope you will not close this one and leave it open for some day, but as I can see not so many are interested

p.s. comodo in my PC is very fast, it may be faster, but it will help the ones with slower PCs

best regards

and thanks Comodo team.

although I have an offtopic question, is Comodo named after the Komodo dragon?

This wish is going to be a lot more work than its worth for comodo. Currently they are various different automated methods to create virus signatures. These automated signatures are created to detect many different viruses in the same family known as generic signatures. For this wish to work comodo would have to go through thousands of virus signatures everyday and name them/categorize them. This is not time/money efficient.

Just as an FYI CIS only detects malware for windows OS not any other OS’s.

For this reason im going to move this to rejected. If you disagree feel free to respond with more explanation.

I agree, if it needs lots of work and it is not an easy thing to do

wish you all good days