Destination Routes

Testing the ability to use ASG to filter email to an Office 365 Exchange server. I have the MX record setting they recommend, but that does not seem to be a legit entry for Comodo ASG destination route. What do I need to enter?

Ok, if I set a connector in O365 Exchange I can enter the outbound IP range. BUT, it is insisting that email use TLS. Instead of getting the “unable to connect”, I now get the rejected, no TLS.
How to set that in ASG?
On premise Exchange seems much easier now.
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To be more spesific, are you having problems in routing email from office365 to ASG?
If that is the problem, in office365 connector TLS settings, can you please try creating the connector without enabling the “subject name of the certificate matches the domain name” option?

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Thanks, the problem is in the other direction, directing mail from ASG to O365.


for the incoming mail delivery from ASG to o365, it is better to check what is needed in o365 connector settings.
ASG uses TLS to deliver the mail if the destination route supports TLS.
If TLS will not be disabled in o365 connector, “subject name on the certificate matching this domain name” option can be disabled.
If that does not solve your problem, we can go through your asg destination route settings and o365 security settings.

Interesting. Today it works. Same entry that wouldn’t work Friday.
Thank you for whatever happened. :slight_smile: