Desktop icon text cut off

Yes, I know … I’m a newbie. I want to keep some of my desktop icons with long names but they get cut off by default and end with … (unless I click on them). Is there anyway to change Xp’s settings (either with or without a program) so my icons can have as much text as they need.

Definitely. There are regedit settings that allows specifying the icon dimensions. IIRC even the Advanced Appearance when you right click the desktop to access the Display Properties has something there…,

Have you tried googling “use long names on xp desktop”?

I tried googling and that didn’t come up with anything. I don’t think there is a way to change this setting from right-clicking. I tried some registry changes but none worked. Do you know any specific changes to the registry or any tweaking program that can change this setting.

Sorry guys, I just needed to restart my computer for the changes to take effect. This is how I did it- right click on desktop, properties, appearance, advanced, Icon spacing (under “item”), increase size.

Closed :P0l