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the smileys you are always using are hilarious! Do you always are upset like that? aaahhhhh poor monster… ;D :slight_smile:

it’s not about the smiley, it’s about the ninja! >:(

and it is about the smiley… maybe make some kind of ninja coverd up with smileys… it will make the ninja look real bad! :wink:

Check mine…

[attachment deleted by admin]

Dang! that is some mean looking machine ready to swollow everything in its path!!! :o :o Is that vehicle yours? ???, if so, you are such a lucky guy! :wink:

ehm, !ot!
about your avatar, are you really a comodo staff or…? 88)

Nope thats not my car but my dream car. Will buy it for sure one day.

Yes i am a comodo staff.

ooops, sorry sir! :-X won’t happen again sir! :-X

what…a staff member can’t post in the Wall-E thread?


LOL ganda you can check the email address of abu

welcome to the forum abu! :slight_smile: what are you working with at Comodo?


I am in LPS team.

what’s LPS ???

LolyPop Security ;D




confi… you mean confidential? hmm… That makes us even more curious! :wink:

Pretty funny to see that you’re running KAV and WD next to CIS

lps : launch pad ? 88)


Hey thats my home computer and i wanted to check some stuffs in KAV,

But i really appreciate you for noticing even a small icon. :-TU

yeaah,whatever you say… ;D [size=8pt]traitor ;D

Did you just white-out a part of that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s mine. :a0

[attachment deleted by admin]

Always thought Jeremy liked to put himself into a small empty room. :slight_smile: