Deployable client version, only 5.x?

I’m testing out CESM and CIS for a possible solution at a local non-profit I volunteer at. I’m testing on my home server and laptop. In the CESM console when I check for updates it first downloaded 5.10.x, and it says there is no newer version. However, my laptop is windows 8. When I try to install 5.10 manually on my laptop, it will not due to OS incompatibilities. When I try to deploy it via the console it actually gave me the first BSOD on my Windows 8 machine I’ve seen :(. I then installed 6.0 manually and it works fine with win8.

So my question is, why doesn’t CESM 2.1 download CIS 6.0?

Hi Scott,

The bad news:-
CIS 5.10 (the client side of the ESM server) was designed to run on XP, Vista & Win 7. Windows 8 requires CIS 5.12 as a separate download/install. CIS 6 was never designed to work with ESM 2.1.

The good news:-
Advanced Endpoint Security 3, LAN Endpoint Security Software for Windows, Mac OSx, Linux, CESM 3.0 – COMODO It is still a RC version (the final version will be out on Monday) but will definitely solve your problem and possibly knock your socks off.

If you decide to run with ESM 3 please make sure that you tell our sales guys that you are buying on behalf of a non-profit to receive your discount.

Kind regards,