deploy.jar is trying to connect to the internet.

Is this deploy.jar a official part of Java? Because my Comodo blocked it, i don’t use java applications, but recently i’ve updated Java because i see there was a new update for it on firefox plugin’s updates check. Is this thing the part responsible for checking updates for Java or something? Cause the IP that it was trying to connect was and seems to be from ORACLE and as far i know ORACLE is the “producer” of Java, right?

What is the path of deploy.jar? Can you check with View Active Processes List what the parent is?

This is the path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\lib
btw, i just edited my previous post with more details.
When the COMODO alert poped-up i went to google to search about it, but after 120 seconds the pop-up alert vanished and automatically blocked the file. This file is always blocked now?

That file belongs to Java. The IP address is part of a range belonging to Oracle which is the current owner of Java. The ip address resolves as

From what I see this must be Java updating its self.

Just as i though! Well, COMODO blocked the acess automatically. What should i do now?

Hello Eidy, our mods are very busy, I think or that comodo forums are getting slow, I wish this help you out man ,…

Go to global rules
edit to " Ask " this way it cannot connect to the internet unless you allow it

if it is listed in the defense block list, under blocked files remove it

Same problem for me today, commodo asked me if I allow deploy.jar to access to internet (to
It happens when I was playing Battlefield 3.
As for Lightness_Eidy the path was: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\lib
Do I have to allow the access or to block this deploy.jar ?
Is my computer infected with something bad ?
Thanks for your help.

Same problem here, deploy.jar was trying to connect to the internet. Not knowing what to decide I didn’t chose an option on the dialog box. The dialog box was vanished after 2 minutes so I suppose that the application has been blocked.

What is the deploy.jar?
What do you advise me to do now?

I had this issue today as well. Somebody posted about this before. Basically it’s not a biggie. Set it to “outgoing” but I blocked it. My Java has the latest version. Anybody used IE before this? Did you enable Java plug-in in IE? Weird coincidence.

Looks like EricJH was right it has something to do with an update.

On top of that OnlineArmor Firewall had/has the same issues with it.

It might try to update Java application which is somehow used in the Battlefield 3. Set it to the “outgoing only”. Your computer is NOT infected.

Deploy.jar has something to do with an update. Set it to the “outgoing only”. If the firewall warning box vanished don’t worry leave it as it is.

Thank you for your answer. I just want also to know if the deploy.jar has been blocked or not.
I remind you that I didn’t make any choice on the warming box but it vanished after 2 minutes.

You are welcome! Yes if you don’t select any action it is automatically blocked for you. You can check this yourself in the firewall module/ “view firewall events”.