Dependent aplicattions because of Ninite?


When trying to uninstall some applications i get this Pop up. Basically they are all dependent.
I guess the problem is that i used ninite to install all those applications.

Is there anything that can be done, at least in future versions?
Because with ninite when you install a new OS you can download and install all your applications in less than 5 minutes, and it is very helpful to update applications, so it is quite hard to stop using it.

The only application (that i remember) that was not dependent, but installed with ninite was Firefox 7.


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The BETA version of CPM has a new scan feature which can be used independently of the applications’ status (Monitored, Not Monitored, DB Monitored).
This will uninstall applications individually, regardless of the way they were installed.

Thank you.

but the scan feature is not as good as monitored and db monitored features…
scanned feature doesn’t detect all the registry entries and files…

My thoughts exactly.
The Big advantage of CPM is the “Monitored” and “DB Monitored” status.
When using Ninite that advantage is simply eliminated.

And i guess the same problem arises with Secunia PSI?
And in both cases security is my main concern (patches). I can download individually but not my friends and family.

I think a way to solve this, is this wish. But there should be an option to do this automatically like Secunia does.

Maybe in the near future :wink:

But is a pity that right now, installing a new computer with ninite takes “all” the power of CPM.
But thanks for the answer Blendea George-Silviu