Deny Page

Why is it that sometimes when I click on an ad supplied by AdTrustMedia I am redirected to a Deny Page? This happens often enough to be annoying.


Thank you very much for your feedback. I will make a ticket for our programmers.

Hi Chiron.

Please, if you will find that problem one more time, post here publisher link and time when it happens. So we will be able to check, if this caused by our server in special time or it is some other issue there.

Anyway, thank you for feedback.

It just happened on this page at 12:53 EST.

I clicked on the top ad on the page, which was for Disney’s Club Penguin. The ad URL is:

This can happen when you start clicking on ads quite frequently. This is anti-fraud click feature.

We will check some reasons one more time, and i will tell you about results.

I do click on the ads often as I am trying to check out the sites and ensure that they are safe.

Let me know if there is any additional information you require.

Thank you.

This is still happening pretty often. Is there any update about this? It makes it difficult to check the ads.


I don’t have any information about changes in this feature, but i will try to ask one more time.

Thank you. It happens often, even if I have not tried to click on an adtrustmedia add for days.

Therefore, I also worry that this bug may actually be preventing adtrustmedia from getting some of the advertising money it otherwise would have gotten. If other users are directed to a deny page I would assume that adtrustmedia gets no money.

Please keep me informed.

Thank you.

Hi Chiron,

The feature you are seeing is a result of our fraud detection system for advertising. Our system will automatically block an IP in the case of multiple or quick clicks on advertising. We do not recommend any testing on live advertising campaigns as this will initiate the fraud response from our system and cause you to see deny page upon click.

Please feel free to PM if you have any questions.