Deny Application Permission Editing from Limited XP account


Just downloaded and installed Comodo Firewall
DSL connection
XP Home SP2
working in “Admin” mode
other programs include AVG anti-virus and Windows defender

Have searched the forums but cannot find an answer to this problem.

To the question,
I have a “limited” account for my daughter and try to keep her off the internet unless someone is looking over her shoulder.

Have blocked firefox.exe, Iexplorer.exe by going to safe mode and setting the security permissions to “deny” on her “limited” account for these particular programs.

Unfortunately, I have recently discovered that windows explorer will also access the internet. (Above mentioned method DOES NOT work with program windows explorer. Thanks Bill G.!)

With Comodo, you can “block” the permission to the internet on windows explorer, however, the “limited” account can just open Comodo and reset the “block” to “allow”, defeating the purpose of the block.

Anybody know of a method to keep “limited” accounts from editing the rules.

Seems like a password would be lurking somewhere in the program.

Any help would be truly appreciated.