deny and ...

malware defender has an option ‘deny and kill process’ along with the normal allow/deny options. Would be nice to have this option in next release of CIS. Not only will malware not be allowed to change files/settings it wont run!

You can Terminate and Quarantine applications in D+ > View Active Process List.
If you’re talking about having this option in the D+ alert pop-ups, I don’t think it would be necessary because D+ will alert you BEFORE the application is even loaded into memory, so it wouldn’t need to be ‘Killed’, only blocked.

No No No… i mean it would be good cuz if its malware well have to just click one option ‘kill process’ to block it instead of clicking 2 or 3 such as ‘deny elevated privilege’, ‘modify program access to protected folders’ etc. itll reduce no of popups if we dont want the app to run at all…

I also would like to see this. :-TU

“Treat application as… Isolated application” Blocks everything and anything to do with that application.

Isn’t that sufficient?

Thanks for your help. Sorry, didnt think about that!

You’re welcome, No problems :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like the deny and kill option. It cannot be hard to program.

I clicked the wrong thing the other day when installing a program and denied something I should not have. I knew the installation would fail but had no easy way of killing the process and ended up using task manager. Treating it as an isolated application did not stop the process.