Demised of BOClean as a standalone antimalware

Just got a popup that says BOClean will be discontinued tomorrow, so sad. Though aware of this coming, the unfortunate fact is I’m using Windows2000. Looking at CIS it is only compatible on XP and Vista machines (correct me if I’m wrong) the reality is users like me cant help but felt abandoned. I’m a poor man, cant afford to upgrade my OS. Sad but true. I have been using Comodo free products for quite a few years, like them alot. But like all good things, they always comes to an end. Where do I go from here…


you can get XP home with SP3 for under $100, that is a good deal in my book. and almost anyone can save up a $100 in a month or so. You should really think about upgrading from 2000, it was a horrible operating system.

I also noticed the demise of BOClean. The popup window recommended the use of CIS because it contains the BOClean. Currently I use Comodo Firewall Pro. Is the BOClean also part of the CFP?

from what I know it is integrated into the AV part of CIS, so if you want BOClean signatures you would have to use the AV form comodo.

I could not read the popup because it disappeared too fast. However, I already have a firewalll program and an antivirus program, both of which have served me well for the past year (I have been free of any successful virus attacks since installing both). I really do not want to change either one at this time, but I don’t want to lose BOClean either. Just how do I manage to do that?

Hi Tugger and welcome.

I am sorry to tell you that you cannot. Even Comodo has to draw a line under what can be provided for free, so I guess that providing a free backup for others’ antivirus programs was what could not in fairness continue.

Then, like with McAfee, who dropped their LiteClean from free standing status, I will most likely be bidding fairwell to Comodo. Too bad you don’t want to offer it as a free-standing paid program. That I might consider, since BOClean has seemed to be a worthwhile program.