demande de cle

comodo internet security est genial en application gratuite,mais j’ai vu sur des forums que comodo internet security pro 2011 etait beaucoup plus complet.Est-il possible d’obtenir une cle pour cette version.D’avance,merci

Tôi đang sử dụng Google Translate. Có lẽ bạn nên quá. Hoặc đi vào hội đồng quản trị cho các không phải tiếng Anh chaps nghèo.


I got the answer here… I use my own “just invented” language tho…

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Guess with that we can close the thread.

Everything just got explained so there is no need for further discussion.

I was thinking about just randomly sprouting off some nonsense, but I have more style than that. 88)

Nice welcome guys, your tolerance, warmth and understanding just shines through.

Now, any more !ot! posting will be dealt with… severely and slowly. :slight_smile:

Using my (rather limited) French I can now tell you that the offer for the complete key isn’t going on at the moment.

La version Pro est payante; vous trouverez des informations complètes ici Comodo Internet Security Pro 2022 | Advanced Internet Security
Il y a parfois des offres promotionnelles pendant lesquelles on peut obtenir la version Pro gratuitement, mais il ne semble pas y en avoir pour le moment.

Ouch. :cry:

When I guy comes in, posts something in a strange ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) language in a board which is clearly English, has no other posts, and whose last visited time is exactly the time of the posting, my tolerance, warmth, and understanding is limited.

To the person: The free version of CIS is just as good as the pro. :slight_smile:

Strange? It’s only French.
Remember that a lot of websites online most likely posted about being able to get Comodo Internet Security Complete for free by abusing Melih’s kindness. :frowning:
This is roughly how I translated it:

Comodo Internet Security is a great application but I have seen on these forums that Comodo internet security pro was very complete. Is it possible to obtain a key for this version.
Thanks in advance.

(I hope I got that right)

Aftre answering to the OP that CIS PRO was a pay version, I now noticed on Comodo site that PRO is offered as trial version for one year.