Delivery queue is growing fast

I have 2 domains not getting mail delivered again.

Looks like it’s been non-delivering for 45 min approx.

Looks about 2 hrs on the oldest stuff actually.

Hello Ken,

We have received a few notifications similar to this one. We are currently investigating them and we will get back to you when we have more information.

Thank you for understanding.

Kind regards,

Hey KEN,

Something weird is going on with U.S. & North American DNS. We’re looking in to it and will report ‘strangeness’ to IANA as found.


Ours seems to be forwarding some now but still some to go. Started around 14:10 EST.
Edit: Now only 5 in the queue, looks like it is OK now.


Good to hear Ken. There was ‘weirdness’ in DNS yesterday and we’ll make an announcement as our finding are confirmed.


TR Domain Name Servers (DNS) are under Attack! is Turkish domain name authoritie for .tr domain names. It is administered by Middle East Technical University Computer Center (ODTU)

Today, services has some technical difficulties about .tr name resolution systems. It because of DDOS attack for their name servers. The network and name servers have been saturated by attack traffic.

Problem has been started at December 14.2015 12:00 PM(GMT+2).

All DNS servers which have .tr domain name dns records are under DDOS attack and they can’t reply DNS queries, very well. null routed servers IP address to out of Turkey for try to stop attack but nobody can access .tr domain names who send requests from out of Turkey at this time.

Also e-mail services of .tr domains are not working because name resolution is not working, too

ODTU’s service use Turkey academic internet access (Ulaknet) for give this service. Because of attack also Ulaknet has been saturated.

DNS system has been fixed and all .tr domain name servers has been started to answer queries. – December 15.2015 13:51PM (GMT+2)

One of .TR domain name server hosted by RIPE and RIPE has a network problem because of this. You can read via RIPE NCC Authoritative and Secondary DNS services on Monday 14 December

At 15,16,16 December Nic.TR is still under attack. In day time with more network usage Ulaknet network is fully loaded and all of name servers stop answering. Attackers are sending spoofed DNS query answers to servers via DNS reflection method. Most of the time we can’t get answers from name servers of .TR TLD.

December 19th, name servers are still under DDos attack and all servers can’t get response for dns query.

December 20th, all name servers has been started to send response for dns query. All good, now.

Turkish servers weren’t the only ones :wink: