Delivery delay alerts

I have a number of clients and I have tried to setup the alerts on all the delivery queues but I never seem to get an alert has anyone got this working?

Now that you mention it… I had that working: alert if more than 10 items and it was working OK (seldom needed). But the last time we had a problem, I didn’t get any. Did get an alert from a user though. :frowning:
Maybe I should set the threshold to 1 to test it.



We noticed that there is a temporary issue on delivery which causes this unexpected behaviour. Our support team is still working on fixing it.

Be sure that it will be resolved as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understandings.


Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Anti Spam Gateway

Hi again,

We have fixed the issue and our last monitoring tests were finished successfully.

Thus, this issue is resolved now.

Thank you for the update and I will go away and test it.

I have tested this and I am not get an alert email, any ideas?

I have waited and carried out further tests and this is still not working, has anyone else got it working?

I don’t think it is working here either. I set it down to 2 and there were 5 in there the last time I looked. Did you file a problem report with ASG? I haven’t.


The last time I spoke to them I was told it was fixed so did not raise a ticket, maybe we should but was hoping Comodo would post something in this thread.

OK, I think there was a delivery problem back then and that is what they “fixed”.


Dear Willard-UK and louyo,

First of all, we apologize for keeping this inconvenience for you. Our support teams have tested this positively at that time but it is seen that there should be another root cause that results in this bug recursively.

I sent this problem to our development teams again to investigate this issue much comprehensive. As I can say that, we want to solve your problem asap.

Besides, would you share with me your exact ASG account names? (you can send me with pm message) There may be an account related bug, so they will need to look at your system.

I will let you know about the progress.

Sorry for this inconvenience again.

Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Anti Spam Gateway



Despite supplying account names and not hearing back. Today we had a major failure at an ISP and five of my clients were not aware of this and they and we were not notified about the inbound queue growing.

Can someone from Comodo please confirm this has been fixed because at this time it is not working and when we moved our clients over this was an important factor as per our previous supplier provided this and if it can not be fixed we need to rethink before moving any others across.

Has anyone had this service working after a mail server failure?

Filed a support ticket last night and it started working OK this morning. Have to set the number higher than 2 now that I have tested it.
I have to remember that posting something here does not replace filing a support request. I have always gotten good response from the support folks.

Arguing with a woman is like reading the Software License Agreement. In the end, you ignore everything and click “I agree”.

Our support team can find the root cause of this issue today and because of this they have resolved and inform me just today. So I could not let you know about it before. Let me summarize the problem, it was not an account based problem. It was found that this issue is caused by relay server which was temporarily unavailable. But, our support team tell me that is fixed today.

If you have still a problem about it, you can let me know or as Lou mentioned you can fill a support ticket. Whichever is much more convenient for you. Our support team tries to fix every issues coming from both ways.


I can confirm the alerts are now working.

Thank You