deleting things

Anybody figured out how to delete pages? I’ve seen some vague references to a backgorund job process for deletion, but no details. I also haven’t dug into it subject much yet either.

I’m suspecting, but have not confirmed, that the Wikipedia folks don’t make deletes an easy thing to do, because they have an accountability trail to keep. Legal nit stuff. I don’t expect that will be so much a case with the wiki here, but deletion, and other cleanup, is something that will need to be addressed.

Maybe a wiki category needed: Delete: At least as a placeholder till the details get worked out.

According to Wikipedia:Why was the page I created deleted? - Wikipedia there is some admin privilege involved

Deletion is accually carried cooperativeluy as documented in Wikipedia:Proposed deletion - Wikipedia

Evidently the Wikipedia folks do have considerable policy regarding deletions.

My question regards the mechanics of deletion: which lever to pull, and button to push, while facing north of due east during a full moon, kind of thing. If that takes privlege that we as wiki writers don’t have, then there needs to be somebody tagged as with that responsibility.

Yep both are needed.

As long Comodo Wiki is a cooperative project I guess that deletion should be carried in a similiar way.

As there is some tagging involved I guess admin would be able to track proposed deletions easily.
Maybe thast why it was refferred as a backgorund job process