Deleting Registration/License Key

After updating from Comodo 3.14 to Comodo 4.0, a program that I use for creating emulation tools would not open. Comodo attempted to Sandbox the program but I rejected that. The error I got when attempting to open the program is “Invalid license found. This can be due to hardware changes or corrupted license file. Do you want to reactivate using the same or new activation information?” I tried to but could not reactivate the application with the same key. I requested a new key and was able to reactivate with that new key. However, when I updated Comodo today, I could not open the application, receiving the same error listed above. Do you have any ideas as to to why this would happen?

Can you see if the program is still in My Pending Files? If it is move to My Own Safe Files. Then shut down the program and start it again.

Thank you for your reply. I’ve checked and it is not there. As a matter of fact, it does not even appear in My Own Safe Files even though I tried to add it there. I decided to try adding other programs to the My Own Safe Files but they’re not being accepted either.

What does CIS tell when trying to add the files to My Own Safe Files? Does it say it is already a safe file?

Sorry for the slow reply; I’ve been a bit busy. At work, I’ve been looking into this from the application side of the coin. Just now, I decided to try adding it to My Own Safe Files once again but it was already showing there…and I’m not sure why. To answer your question, however, when I did try to add it earlier, there was never any message of any kind. It acted like it had been added successfully but never did. So for now, I’ll need to see what happens with the next update.

Good day,
Since my last post, everything looks to be fine. I had a mixture of issues to address today including running a diagnostic because of a problem detected, and updating (with the attendant reboot). I then tried to open the program and was able to do so successfully. EricJH, thank you for your questions and suggestions.