Deleting Problem

I am having a problem deleting files. I click on delete and the window appears. However the window freezes and windows tells me that the programme is not responding.
Then the screen disappears and reappears a few seconds later. The various icons then start appearing one by one.
The last to return are the icons on the task bar, but the icon for Comodo Anti Virus does not come back. I have to reboot the PC to get it to re-appear.
I also run Comodo FireWall but the icon for that returns.
I am running Windows XP.
When I run Comodo virus checker it does not find any viruses. I have also checked using Skybot, AdAware etc to see if they pick anything strange up. Nothing finds anything.

Anybody got any ideas?


Hi Michael & Welcome to the Forums.

Uninstall CAVS 2 Beta, Use an Alertnative AV until CAVS 3 is released.

Also Spybot & Ad-aware are way past there prime.Uninstall Spybot & Ad-aware, & Then I strongly suggest you download and install these:

Malware Bytes’ Anti-Malware


And you want to find a virus? Why do you think your infected?

Thought it would be sensible to do a virus check just in case.
I see the advice is basically wait for version 3 at the end of the month or try something else!


Because CAVS 2 is BETA & All development has stopped on it. CAVS 3 is going to be much stronger, & I still recommend an Alternative till then and throwing away Spybot & Ad-aware.


Seeing how CAVS 2 is beta and not that strong… I suggest Avast anti virus home edition. It is a GREAT alternative till CAVS3 is out. Which should be by the end of this month (unless something changes)

If you wish to keep CAVS try disabling the HIPS component of the program. This may eliminate any conflict with other security apps that you may have.