Deleting old full backup after incremental is done

Hi all,

I want to fully understand incremental and full backups so please help me out with this question. I want to know if I can delete old full and incremental backups as long as I keep the most recent full and most recent incremental backups? here is the scenario

Lets say I do a full backup January 1st. Then I do incremental backups every day for the week and then a new full backup on January 7th and then incremental backups for that next week and do another full backup on January 14th. Now, can I safely delete the full and incremental backups from the week of January 1st till January 6th?

The reason I ask is that I have massive amount of data that I want to backup and I don’t want to keep buying terabytes of harddrives every now and then


Doesn’t anybody know the difference?

Take a look at Comodo Help

Yes, you can.
This can also be achieved automatically in CB by using macro feature in backup step 3 with the option to reset the macro every 7 runs.