deleted files from source are not deleted from backup

First off, I consulted a Comodo GeekBuddy representative about this issue, and he merely directed me to the Help and Support page for Comodo Backup. It was the most unhelpful encounter I’ve ever had with any customer support anywhere anytime.

I have a nearly full 1TB storage drive called D. I want everything on D to be synchronized with drive X, which is also 1TB. I set up Comodo Backup to run an Incremental backup at 3:00AM every day, with the source being all the Files and Directories on D and the Backup Format set to Simple copy. I prefer to be able to browse through X for a file I may have deleted accidentally from D within the last 24 hours.

I’m constantly having to delete files from D as I add new files since I’m limiting my storage to 1TB. This is okay with me. Unfortunately, X will no longer backup new files because it has filled up. It doesn’t delete the files I deleted from D.

How the heck do I set this up correctly?

TL;DR Can someone please tell me why Comodo Backup, as neat as it is supposed to be, can’t simply synchronize two drives every 24 hours? And if it can, how?

Simple copy and sync copy don’t delete files deleted from source.
The issue will be fixed in next release.
You can use backup as CBU file every 24 hours instead.


I can’t tell you how thankful I am that someone acknowledged my post! This issue has been driving me crazy!

Thank you so much, Mr. Sescu. As a temporary fix, I format the X drive (backup) whenever it gets full, allowing the contents of D to be written to X without those pesky deleted files. But this is a terrible solution, as I temporarily have no files backed up. The only other solution is to manually delete files from both D and X.

I look forward to the next release! I just feel uncomfortable having my entire backup located in a single file that is several hundred gigabytes in size.

Any idea when the next release will come out?

In a few weeks.