Deleted AVG and went with CIS antivirus :)

For the last couple of years i have been using Comodo for firewall and AVG for anti-virus. I finally decided to get rid of AVG and go with the anti-virus included in CIS. So far i am really impressed. :-TU I am glad i made the switch. AVG was useless, it never detected anything. My back up A-squared always detect stuff. I look foward to CIS 4.0 and the new interface. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club.

CIS must be a relief on the performance field as well. I am on older hardware and I am very happy how light CIS is. I had Comodo Firewall with AVG 7.x. and later Avira but CIS being a suite trumps both of them.

AVG 8.x is heavier than its predecessors with performance issues on older (single core?) hardware that made me go to Avira. I hope AVG manages to get this worked out. I have happily used it for years.

I suppose with the new heuristics Comodo AV has a much better detection rate than AVG.
On the other side AVG doesn’t have FP problems.

I would choose Comodo too :slight_smile:

AVG was usless for me. My backup antivirus (a-squared) was finding stuff but AVG found nothing. Aslo AVG free did not scan or detect rootkits while comody does. This is very important. Plus comodo has 5 million plus signatures. Comodo already did a better job than AVG and i only had it for 2 days. I am also impressed with how many times the signatures are updated.

I emailed my friend and told him to get rid of AVG and go with CIS.

Thank you for your support Viper. We do sincerely appreciate it and hope to secure and support you for the future.


Some new malware testing site show Comodo detection performance that’s nearly AVG.
Comodo still improving continusly, Somedays Comodo will be another choice for free security apps.
I wish. :a0