deleted app rules are remembered

I deleted all my application rules to recreate them and group them myself. But noticed my applications are still allowed access with no popups.

I just started an application that hadn’t previously accessed the net (and so not known by Comodo) and that “re-started” the popups for previously known but deleted rules.

So if all rules are deleted, they are still remembered until a new unknown application accesses the net and then the known applications once again ask for permission. This is a slight bug but won’t appear often as most people won’t delete all there rules anyway, but worth saying.


If you have ‘automatically approve safe applications’ checked, CPF will allow known programs to access the internet automatically without interaction from the user. If you want popups for these known apps. you can turn off this automatic approving.


I don’t have ‘automatically approve safe applications’ checked, only ‘show popups’ in program settings is checked.

As said when ALL rules are deleted it still remembers them, if only a few are deleted then those are not remembered as expected. Theres nothing wrong with the popups, its the internal storage of rules that are not being reset to none, when there are no rules. Only adding a new unknown rule resets the rules, wiping out the rules that should have been deleted.

You can try it yourself, if you don’t mind loosing your rules.

I have observed the same phenomenon - delete rules that allow access for a program in the Application Monitor, and Comodo Personal Firewall continues to allow the program to have access and never prompts for the user to re-add the rules. This is something that really should be fixed - what if someone creates the wrong rule for a program? With the present CPF set-up, you really can’t do anything about it, except maybe uninstall/reinstall Comodo.

You don’t need to re-install Comodo, just start an application that you haven’t given access to the internet via Comodo, I did an update on my registry cleaner, which I hadn’t done with Comodo ever before.

That fixed it, popups then came back as expected for everything that hadn’t a rule. But obviously it shouldn’t happen anyway.

I think when all rules are deleted, the software is not initialising its internal storage of rules to NULL, its expecting some rules in order to write to the storage, instead theres nothing and it thinks nothing has changed so does not initialise. I used to be a programmer/tester and initialising was a common thing to overlook.

Yes there was a slight bug whic needed fixing.

Thank you for the feedback,

Cheers egemen, its not a major problem as it can be fixed in the mean time as per my last post.