Delete snapshot, still cannot be recovered occupied of disk space

I am a Chinese users, English is not good, please forgive me!

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I have deleted a 3400MB snapshots,CTM hints I optimization of disk space, I accept, and in the system protection inside again manual optimized disk space,But it did not withdraw the snapshot occupied all the disk space,Probably and 60% of no back,I have many times such experiences.

System:Windows7 PRO x86

Is this the CTM bug?

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Hi… From your description it appears that you used CTM’s built-in defrag. to optimize as it hinted (after deleting 3.4G of snapshots taken). Then it appears that you used another third-party defrag. tool to optimize again with CTM still installed, which is not recommended by CTM.

Pls. remember when using CTM do follow their rules :

  1. No encryption of files on the protected partition.
  2. Not to use ghost-imaging or the-like on the protected partition.
  3. Not to use Windows or third-party defrag. tools on the protected partition.

If you really want to do a defragmentation on a protected partition with a 3rd party defrag. tool, I think you should uninstall CTM first and after defrag. and whatever cleaning-up you’ve done then you reinstall CTM again.
By the way, if U’re using CTM2.8 I’d strongly advice you to try 2.9Beta instead as I’d read many comments which are “positive” on 2.9Beta.

Thank you for your reply!

1、I didn’t use GHOST
2、I also did not undertake a defragment
3、I only protect the disk C, there was no any encryption save the content

I also want to use beta,But I prefer to use the official version,
Each set again a new baseline, disk space returned
I put the situation said out, I hope this is a bug, hope the next version when there is no longer such a thing!
Expect CTM better and better

Hi again… Someone has said all CTM versions are “Beta” versions. I tend to lean on that opinion.

And of All CTM versions, 2.9Beta is the best and least-likely to foul up your system when problems arise from installation/uninstallation/rolling back to prior snapshots or careless miss-operations. Besides 2.9Beta has been out since early September in 2010. So far general opinion is on the “Positive” side compared with prior versions.

With respect to “snapshots swallowing up disk space”, I don’t think it’s a Bug. But that’s sth. the development team should definitely work on. I read one person who has taken snapshots on an hourly basis, I think it’s way too many. For an ordinary user, a snapshot(scheduled or manual) on weekly, half-monthly, or monthly basis is more appropriate. As for me, I scheduled 1 snapshot every week. And set CTM to delete snapshots more than 60 days old.

Due to poor options into CTM… If I could configurate each 6 hours, for instance… But it does not allow.

Poor Tech, I sympathize with you and your machine… I can see U’re a CTM enthusiast and hope they’d reconstruct the settings so you may set taking snapshots at “6-hour” intervals !

CTM is definitely a Pioneering Concept, if and when perfected a lot of computer users will benefit and turn to it as a means of protection against system failure and malfunctioning, since taking snapshots is like a Breeze and rolling-back is fast compared with the more traditional ghost-imaging technique.

Give Doskey Lee and the CTM Development team a :-TU here.