Delete files from Synchronized directories

I’m new to Comodo Backup.

I’m Running Version 3.0.171317.133 on Windows 7 SP1

When I set up a backup task for Files and Folders and select Backup Format as “Sync Copy” everything works OK until I try to rename a file or delete a file in my “Source” folders. On the next run of that task, the old (Deleted or renamed) file is copied from Backup back into my Source folder.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

On a possibly related note, how does the Full, Differential, Incremental selection affect Sync Copied Folders? I would assume that Full is the only one that relates to synchronized folders.



The issue was fixed in version 4 of Comodo Backup.
You can try it here.

This option is ignored. It behaves the same no matter what you select.