Delayed update to quarantine database display- BUG?

After CAS has sent a ‘you have been authenticated by Comodo’, the email address involved still shows as ‘awaiting authentication’ on the quarantine database display. This is true even if you try to ensure a display update by selecting a different account then going back to the original account.

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Hi Mouse:

       This is a issue with updating quarantine database. This issse is fixed in CAS2.6. Please update your CAS2.5 to 2.6. Thanks!

Ta Junhua

Have done so - great to see CAS being so well maintained.

Any ETA for personalised authentication letters. Are these are still compiled into CASproc.exe in 2.6, or are they now read from the ASA mhtml files? (In version 2.5 editing the mhtml files had no effect, and you could see why when you looked at the Casproc file with a hex editor - there they were!)

Many thanks again


Hi Mouse:

   CAS2.6 is aiming to bug fixing of CAS2.5. 
   I think the function for personalising authentication letters will be added in the 3.0 release. And many other features you have suggested. Thanks again!

That’s really great.

A pleasure to work with such responsive support

Finally a product with the potential to really get spam under control! I’ve tried lots, as you can imagine.

Many thanks