Delayed email

Once again we are dealing with angry customers because you guys simply can not do your job. I understand that you have a lot of challenges but enough is enough. We are having constant downtime problems and delayed emails. And no one cares. Support is totally useless, they just confirm it is down and they will fix it at some point. You are killing our business and our clients business. It is completely unacceptable to run a service like this.

No responsibility, no ownership, nothing. Just causing massive stress and costing clients and ourselves money. >:(

Hello colins-it,

Firstly I would like to apologize for any issues you have faced that have impacted you and your customers.

Unfortunately sometimes there are problems that occur and we are working hard to diagnose exactly what happened and how we can ensure that in future our infrastructure is far more resilient to these issues.

I have sent you a personal message on these forums and I would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss further.

Thank you,


FWIIW: We experienced an outage last Friday. Fortunately, most of it was after business hours. A few of observations:

  1. I get an email if the queue holds more than a few emails, I can then notify support and their response has been good.
  2. Typically, what few ASG outages we have had were caused by failure to deliver the mail from ASG to our Exchange server and the mail was available in the archive.
  3. Because we have had other outage causes besides ASG, I wrote a script running in a 24x7 system, that sends myself and another person an email every hour (via a personal email account hosted elsewhere). This, along with the queue alerts, notify me if mail has stopped (no, I don’t monitor 24x7).

Although I don’t consider any failure acceptable, it happens and I don’t want to find out about it from the users. I hope that Comodo fixes these outages and would prefer if they were more proactive about alerting us when an outage happens.