Defense+ vs BoClean


I just installed the latest Comodo Firewall and it has a new modul called Defense+ that claims to protect against malware. My question is do I still need BoClean which also protects against malware
or is Defense+ that cames with the firewall good enough ?


Don’t really know, but maybe CBOClean is an additional layer that still makes some sense. I’ve not yet read anywhere they did integrate it in the new v. of their FW under a diff. name. Am I wrong? Guess not. So I would go on using CBOClean for the moment.


If I remember right,according to Melih the functionality of BOclean will be optionally included within CFP in the next version,so until then you might as well keep it installed.

no no no, CAVS will have BOClean integrated, and CFP will have CMG integrated.

(:WAV) hi
i still keep BOclean & other security softwares, but i’ve disabled spyware terminator’s realtime shield.
i think you should keep it to.
layered defense :
first layer : CFP&defense+
second layer : Antivirus/antimalware
third layer : BOClean,
fourth layer : Hammer ! ;D

Well my memory ain’t my strong point obviously. (:LGH)

Lol (:LGH)

Ganda as a security expert (:CLP) You are learning quick m8 :■■■■

Greetz, Red.

That’s Mr. Ganda now.

If you want to confirm that this isn’t a claim but a fact, you could always try installing malware and see which one is better ;D.

;D isn’t it a lil bit suicidal

That’s the best solution for the critics out there.

Trust what you use or don’t use it at all :-*.

Hi Soyabeaner

fine software philosophy

but one could always tell the opposite

Trust what you use or don’t use it at all

Well, I rather think:

Use what you trust and or don’t trust it at all.

Big cheers from Germany, by the way :slight_smile:

Same difference :P. Ok let’s skip philosophy class on this one and let computer class resume.