Defense+ Unable to scan my system

I am fairly new with comodo and brand new to the forums. Basically when I go to defense+ > common tasks, I do not have the ‘scan my system’ icon as I remember usually having. I have looked around the forums and googled but have yet to come up with a solution. Nonetheless I feel like its fairly obvious and I am just missing something but due to my lack of answers I am posting here.

Was it just removed in a patch? Any way to get it back?

Evening Soldout and Welcome To Comodo Forums

Comodo Has Removed That “Scan My System” Function, Since They Have Released CAVS (3)

To Get It Back You Need To Uninstall Your Current Firewall Of Comodo, And Install CIS


Is it possible to do this while keeping my previous settings and rules for the firewall?

Also will this conflict with other AV? Specifically Avira?

Thank you for the quick response, and the great products.


Also, Your Second Question
You would have to disable realtime scanning on Comodo’s AV.
Unless You Only Use AVIRA For On-Demand