Defense+ stopped working -> how access/rescue browser bookmarks?


I am in HUGE trouble and registered because a sandbox error happened out of nowhere and I can’t find my bookmarks anywhere! I need them for my dissertation!!! HELP pls!!!

Browser was running fine in sandbox for many months.
It’s a portable version of Opera.
I had assigned that program folder to Comodo sandbox.
On each restart, bookmarks were always there.
Now that defense+ crashed it’s all gone??? PLSSS help I’m destroyed!!!

What can I do to get back my bookmarks???
Tried to access them via Kiosk - nothing but default bookmark.odr files (7KB) in profile folder!!
Where have my bookmarks been taken to???

:‘( :’( :cry:

help pls!! is there anyone from comodo here who knows comodo internet security 2013???
This is a support forum and I need support NOW pls!!! VERY BIG TROUBLE, work of 2 months!!

i can understand your feeling but which version of cis are you using? i dont know much more bout opera portable version. but if your defence+ crashed and no way you can not rescue your old bookmarks then please try to ( if you are using cis 6.2.285401.2860 then try to re install the cis and try to import the setting that you changed in sandbox (may be it will help you) if it does not work then try to recover your system. if this trick also does not work then you can contact with geek buddy and if you did not install geek buddy during the cis install then you can go to official website) then you will see list of cis antiviruses click on the comodo internet security premium then it will take you to a new page there on the right hand side you will get the option like (contact with geek buddy something similar i can not remember exactly) you just click on that and a new page open there you can inform them about your problem by chatting.

may be it will help you. :a0

Hello!!! Ur software caused me huge trouble and no one answers??
Is this a support forum or an ignorance place?
Pls don’t make me angry, I have lost enough nerves for 1 day of trouble searching and losing 2 months of my precious work. Pls answer and support or will u want to pay me out for the big loss?
I expect some helpful reaction tbh or I’ll stop using ur product and I’ll certainly not recommend it.
It’s not exactly polite to ignore users who have such trouble with ur product I have to say!!!

The support on this section of the forums is offered by volunteers. So, please remain respectful and polite. It would probably also help yourself if you also offered more information (eg. CIS version number & expanding on “defense+ crashed”).

If you like to contact proper Comodo support, please go to Comodo Support register on their system and raise a ticket on this issue.

If you were running the browser in the sandbox this entire time, I suspect your bookmarks are gone. The crash probably cleared the sandbox.

The whole idea behind a sandbox is that it is temporary. Meaning, if you happen to encounter something malicious while browsing the internet, you can just clear the sandbox and the malware is gone.

It’s definitely not a good idea to put any important data inside the sandbox because when it gets cleared, your data is gone.

I am afraid that your bookmarks have gotten lost when the sandbox crashed. When working with a sandbox it is good custom to have profile areas excluded from the sandbox so they won’t get deleted when the sandbox gets cleaned.

Do you have copies of your bookmarks.adr file somewhere else? Are you using Opera Link?