Defense+ still showing instrusions on trusted files

Hello, I’m new to these forums and tried searching my problem but found no answers to my question. I am running Comodo Antivirus version 5.3.176757.1236 with virus database version 7759. Whenever I run Glarys Utilities, Defense+ shows all these intrusions, currently 57 of them, from the file “procmgr.exe” target “cmdagent.exe”. I have right clicked this file procmgr.exe several times and placed it on the trusted files list, but it keeps sayin that it is a trusted file already, yet I’m still getting these intrusion alerts. I also browsed Glarys Utilities folder and added all it’s contents to the trusted files. How can I fix this? What setting am I missing? Thanks in advance.

Hi mw1975,

This is caused by the self-protection settings for the Comodo processes.
Can you please go to Defense+, Computer Security Policy, Comodo Group, Customize, Protection Settings, Interprocess Memory Access, and add the processes that you would allow to access Comodo products memory regions… needles to say that once a program can access the memory of CIS you are weakening it’s protection, so only allow apps you trust or take the log entries for granted if not.

Hope this helps.