Defense+ slow


im very happy with the Comodo Firewall, but now i have a speed problem.
every time a new application wants to do something, so that i get a defense+ popup and i press allow (with remember checked), i takes about 5 seconds til the popup disappears and the application goes on… while that, the cpu is at 50% (dual-core → one core at 100%). i think this is because of the quite big defense+ database i have by now. i already purged the list, but that didnt change anything…
is this a problem with my configuration, or is this a general problem?

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I think it’s general. I’m experiencing the same, but not for 5 sec, only a small freeze of 2-3 sec. Of course when “remember” is unchecked, it is very fast.

It’s strange, cause when setting it in “training mode” it creates the rules very fast, the same rules that would be created if it prompted you to allow or deny with “remember” checked in “paranoid mode”.

This is normal but once you get an alert for a program you will not see the alert again and when you use that program next time it will be quicker.

Actually next time it won’t be quicker, it will be as if Defense+ wasn’t even there :stuck_out_tongue:


V3.0.14 does not have this issue. You can get it at

The program that caused the alert will be quicker next time cause you already told Comodo its a safe program. Aslong as you checked off remember.

im quite often trying new programs, so this is a little annoying for me…
if 3.0.14 doesnt have this problem, something must have changed in later versions… is it planned to change it again or do i have to use that version?

If your trying out new things all the time then use install mode when your installing something and use training mode for D+.

that’s you call ‘proactive defence’?

It depends what your trying out of course. Have some common sense. If your trying out a program you never heard of before then of course don’t use training mode. But if its a new game or something then fine. If you go around installing things that you have no idea what they are then thats your own fault if your system gets infected. If your constantly trying out new things then I suggest you Sandbox whenever your trying out. That way when your done just empty the Sandbox.

When the ‘remember my answer’ checkbox in a Defense+ alert is checked, Comodo Firewall appears to be running the same code as when the ‘apply’ button is pressed in Computer Security Policy. Older versions didn’t do that. That’s my best guess anyway.

You’re tottaly correct.

Perhaps the code used to to apply “remember” rules in 3.0.14 version was’t considered safe and changed in next updates, but since there is no official respond we could only be guessing.

Or maybe to tidy up the code, instead of having 2 sets of code for saving rules.

however, there is still the question, if there is a plan to improve this issue, or if its not possible at all…
maybe a comodo developer can answer this question?

I wish I knew also.

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