Defense+ Safelist Issue and Avast[Help]

Having some issues with Avast setup file and Comodo, apparently whenever I try and safelist a particular pending file, Comodo tells me it’s already been safe listed even though a look at the list says otherwise and it keeps spawning the file in pending even if I remove it. Doesn’t look like a serious issue, but still rather annoying. Any assistance/insight is appreciated.

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Okay another observation, those files in the safe list keep getting removed so comodo isn’t recognizing the programs as safe anymore and have them pending, can anyone tell me what’s going on?

Exactly the same issue here. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a solution for the problem yet

I’ve also noticed this and would like to know more about it.

I’m also having the same problem. Not a major issue to be sure but it is annoying to have to do it every time. I’ve made sure the remember box is checked. If anyone has any ideas please share.

Vista home premium 32bit
Avast home 4.7 with all updates
Spybot S&D

Wow, I completely forgot about this topic and it seems that there were some confirmations, so I suppose I can draw some relief.

Anyways, the issue is still occurring and am once again wondering if anyone could provide insight?