Defense+ Request: Ability to self execute.

In the options for a rule you can make it ask/block/allow to run an exe but I would like to have a check box to allow or disallow that exe for which the rule is for to even be able to run. That way when you are doing learning or are on “safe mode” setting all the exe’s will be able to run. Then unknown and potentially unsafe exe’s can be prompted to even run at all.

I do not want to let potentially dangerous exe’s even run at all, even though they will be restricted, I want to know that virus.exe is trying to run and deny it before it has a chance to run. Does that make sense to you too? I think this is crucial. This is one of the main features I have always used in a HIPS software package. I really need the ability to know when an exe is trying to load if that exe is unknown to me and not in comodo’s safe list.

if you set it to ask then wouldn’t it ask your permission to run it before it runs or am i not understanding what you’re saying. if i’m not understanding could please reword what you’re wanting

As it is now, you can choose that an application can run other applications or not or ask. I want a check box or something where I can say “This exe can run”.

i see then i’m all in