Defense+ "problem".

Hello. Earlier I noticed a small “problem” with my D+ installation. Some time ago I renamed my World of Warcraft folder from “WoW” to “World of Warcraft”. I have it placed in My Documents on a W7 system. When I “purged” my “Computer Security Policy” for non-existing entries I noticed that the .exe file in my WoW folder(the old one) was being detected as non-existant(that is normal behavior). However the .exe file in my “World of Warcraft” folder was also being taken as non-existant even though is still exists. Even if I add it manually it will still detect it as non-existant…

Kind of hard to break it up in smaller pieces without making it sound wrong :slight_smile:

Even if I remove the entry, it just adds itself back and displays a message that D+ is learning that the .exe does this and that. Its just a little “annoyance” factor that fills in 2 spots every single time in the “purge” window.