Defense+ preventing everything from running

I’ve looked through the boards, and found this problem has occurred before, but version 3.9.x was supposed to fix it, and I’ve installed 3.9.95. Anyway:

I’m running CIS 3.9.95478.59 on a Windows 7 x64 system. While a few programs start up during boot, once the CIS icon appears systray, nothing will run. All but one of my systray programs fail to load. If I try to run a new program, I get the learning messages relating to the program, but the program never opens. The only way I can get anything running is to permanently deactively Defense+.

I’ve uninstalled the Anti-Virus in CIS, reinstalled CIS a few times, and even uninstalled a few of the programs to see if they were causing a conflict (other anti-malware/virus programs mainly).

Is there a log file I can look at to see what might be causing conflicts? Any other advice?


If Possible, Provide The D+ Settings And Image Execution Control Settings. If You Are Able To Access CIS, Then You Can Check With The Log From Here

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Thanks for the help, but I’ve managed to get it working.

I found the CIS Clean Tool in one of forums, so I tried that out after uninstalling CIS. Defense+ now works fine. I just have to reinstall everything I uninstalled previously.

You are always welcome :slight_smile: