Defense + nod32 v4 problem

I have problems using Nod32 v4 and Defense +.

Defense+ works great when I don’t have nod installed and visa versa. But once I install both a tab in FF takes about 2 to 3 seconds to open. Crazy stuff. I have no clue what to do about it. I excluded Comodo in Eset but nothing works.

I am on a vista premium 32 …

Anyone else has this problem?

Can you post screenshots of the Firewall logs and the Defense + logs? They can be found under Firewall -->Common Tasks → View firewall alerts and Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + alerts.

There is not much to see. Hope it was the right logs?

I see your firewall is in Training mode. Can you delete the rules for the NOD compenents and try again? This is to make sure that rules made before the firewall was set to training mode are not playing a role.

In what mode is your D+ set?

OK I will try that. I just put it in training mode now. I just installed it for you to give you a log to look at.

Last time I didn’t have it in traning mode.

For Defense + I have the default settings.