Defense+ lost settings

Hi all,

I am using CIS for quite a while, and I had my personal settings running well. However, after a recent update, Defense+ apparently lost some of its policies because suddenty a number of alerts appeared after booting, and it asked each time I started a program whether explorer.exe should be allowed to do that. Quite strange because such questions never popped up before, and I didn’t change anything in the settings.
As this issue became quite annoying, I went back to a well running system by restoring a disk image (not a Windows recovery point!). After doing so everything worked well, but after a day and some updates (CIS and Windows) the same thing happened again.
I would appreciate help on this issue.

What version were you running before the update and issue happened? What version are you running now?

I am now using version 3.14.130099.587. Unfortunately, I don’t have information about the previous version.
My (temporary) solution was to define explorer.exe as a system application. This way the alerts stopped.