Defense + locks up my computer after re-enabling the Defense +

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I was running the beta version .268, on my Win XP Pro version 2002 SP2 , Intel(R),Pentium(R) 4CPU,2.80 GHz 279Ghz 512mb ram, Dell computer. With Bit Defender 2008 anti virus. I had checked to permanently disable Defense + and just run the firewall.

Yesterday, I decided to re-enable the Defense + feature, and after re-starting my computer I found that all of my program icons, desktop,Windows start key and quick launch icons were disabled. No matter what I clicked on, nothing would start. Including the Comodo icon, command prompt and run dialog box icons. It was if my computer was disabled. Which panicked me more than a little.

Then I discovered that task manager was not disabled. But I had to start task manager Thur CT + alt and Del keys. I used task manager to start the MSCONFIG utility, and tried to use System Restore, but System Restore would not start. I was able to use MSCONFIG to boot to Safe Mode, and in Safe Mode the icons worked. So I clicked on the Comodo icon and disabled Defense +, and re-booted back to normal mode and then everything was working fine.

I then updated to the .273 version, but this time with Defense + disabled . And this time it will stay disabled !
The Comodo firewall is great, but Defense + can be harmful to my computer.

Try installing the latest version (276): .

This bug description seems to apply exactly to what I experienced on a computer (not my own), but with the latest version

Here’s the post, I just wrote it.


man, i got the same problem with last version 277, xp starts then after the music logon, nothing happens, no icons, no nothing, ctrl+alt+del then log off user so i can reboot in safe mode and disable firewall+defense ti reboot in normal mode.
it happens often. i disabled all settings in attack detection settings in the firewall, maybe it comes from some setting in this part of comodo, or if u set bad a prog in defense+, at restart, comodo blocks the prog then xp cant start, if u try to launch progs from task manager, i got error message : this app is not a valid 32 bits application.
so be carefull when u set rules and be carefull with miscellaneous firewall settings too.
i don’t know what’s the prob but i got it only in xp, vista works always fine with comodo 3.0

I have reported this problem too and the thing is i cannot find any error log in the Event Viewer and when this problem occurs cpf.exe doesn’t load on at startup?

In D+/Advanced/Defense+ Settings, make sure that “Block all unknown requests if application is closed” is disabled. If that doesn’t do it, go to D+/Advanced/Image Execution Control and disable that.

Had similar problems with early betas, but those were since corrected. Sounds like you have some specific conflicts occurring.

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None of this worled for me. D+m is still, unfortunately, disabled.