Defense+ learning window overlays D+ Alert window (

Title says it all. The Defense+ learning window may pop-up while you want to click on an alert. This is highly annoying as I have to click the D+ window away. Couldn’t it be placed aside the alert so that it doesn’t interfere with the clicking area?

I thought about adding “BUGREPORT” to the topic but then I realized that I’m in the “Bug Reports” subforum, so this is highly redundant, don’t you think?
Should I change it anyway?

I’m talking about CFP3 final on XP Pro SP2.

Yep my posts here are too. I’ll remover in a few days. Originally we didn’t have a bugreport board so I had to fix topic titles for 5 hours because all bugs were filed in the help board :’(
Anyway adding such words to topic titles make search easier. It would be possibe to use only titles too.
The most important is the V3 version though.This way all members cooperate to create a uptodate buglist.

I contacted admin to get a url to restrict search only to few boards so Members won’t have to check all
serarch settings manually. I hope to get a reply soon so I’ll fix the search link I provided.