Defense + Keeps Stopping

Defense + (mostly) just stops working or has a problem of some sort from time to time. I happen to glance own at the systray icon and notice the circle with a line through it, so I open up CIS and run the diagnostics tool. This usually fixes it but on some occasions it doesn’t and I have to close CIS and reopen it. This has been happening for quite some time now and I was hoping the last CIS update would resolve the problem but it hasn’t. Today I logged in to my PC and again CIS icon had the problem icon showing so I opened up CIS and this time it wasn’t Defense +, don’t know what it was so I closed CIS and reopen it and that fixed the problem, or at least it removed the icon.
I don’t know why this is happening but its disconcerting to login and find your PC in a vulnerable state. Has anyone experienced something similar and how did you fix it, or how do I go about diagnosing the problem?

I’mnning XP Pro SP3
CIS 3.8.65951.477


It may happen when switching user in Windows.

Yeah give the guys a break, programming software is hard. Don’t keep on switching users, and if you get it working, don’t reboot.


Thanks for the reply but its not a case of switching users. I rarely switch, I have one main login and that’s pretty much it. Although I do remote into the pc from home, do you think this would do it? I know that Remote Desktop can do some weird things like rebooting the server when I login from home for no particular reason so maybe this could be it.


It would be great if you could check if opening a remote desktop session might cause. Let us know when you did another remote desktop session.