Defense+ Is it worth the effort?

I find this intrusive and annoying; is it worth the effort of keeping it or should I juist turn it off? I use the web in a ‘sandbox’; have AVG AV resident and scan daily; Windows Defender non-resident; and do weekly scans for Malware.

Yes definitely please try Clean PC Mode if you are sure your system is clean.
It should be a lot less intrusive and annoying within a short period.
Even though I have Sandboxie I have always run CPF3 in Paranoid Mode and after two days it is generally quite.

D+ is a valuable asset to have

I set it up in Clean mode,and it keep son popping up warnings for the same apps fo rthe same things. Very, very annoying.

I really like the firewall, but I think I will disable defense+.


approve apps as trusted application

Yes, tried that. No trying turning off the ballon warnings, and reducing the time for the popups. Still checking the same apps over and over, but at least I don’t see the warnings.

pls read this to understand the value of what D+ offers.


I have no problem with the concept, only with its implimentation ie the learning part of the program either is not working as intended, or is doing so but is more intrusive that necessary. I believe that here may be a flaw in the learning, as it appears not to remember what I have already been asked to, and have, approved.


This too has been my impression of it. I was continually getting the same pop ups over and over again. It didn’t seem to matter whether I said to accept the activity or that the application was to be trusted, they kept coming back. I eventually found the training mode and left it on for a day and that quieted things down significantly (I tried Clean PC but that didn’t seem to help).

I like the idea and I’m not having many problems, but I’ve found some things which I don’t know whether they’re bugs or features. For example I run WinRAR for the first time since installing CFP, extract something, and D+ asks me that WinRAR is trying to create a file/folder. Fair enough, I click on allow making sure “remember” is enabled. But in a second I’m asked about the next file WinRAR is extracting. I go to Computer Security Policy, and find that WinRAR’s permission for “disk” is set to “ask” not “allow”, even though I told the popups to remember. Why? Is this really supposed to be so? I manually set it to “allow” and no problems thence, but it will be confusing for a beginner user. (I’m running Windows as a limited user in case that makes any difference.)

Ya same thing happened to me now that you mentioned it. Although no doubt Defense+ is a valuable and essential asset to have but maybe it still has a few bugs to iron out. Defense+ constantly bombarded me with pop-ups to allow this allow that although I had already told it that my apps were safe. I had resorted switching to Safe PC Mode but then again I am (:TNG) kinda paranoid about my security. I have confidence in the Comodo staff that in time v3 will be running smoothly. Oh, and for some reason the logo for v2 (globe on shield) looks better than v3’s. Just my opinion (:TNG)